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Reasons I love Wisconsin #263

Over at (you guessed it!) the Badger Catholic, there is a post covering the largest ordination class in the Madison diocese in the last 42 years.

Now, the fact alone of Madison ordaining six men to the priesthood (considering it’s only a diocese of 270,000 Catholics, and a place like the Archdiocese of Louisville with 217,000 Catholics only ordained three…) is something worth writing about and covering. A lot of thanks needs to be given to the bishop (Bp. Morlino) for his work at being a good and true shepherd, one who cares for his flock, especially his priests.

But, we should also praise, to some extent, the Wisconsin State Journal as well, for their journalism.

All too often we hear the cries of how the media is out to get the Church and it’s just the worst thing ever. In the instance of the WisSJ, though, we have a publication that had a reporter shadow a seminarian for a day at the St Paul Seminary School of Divinity in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When was the last time you heard about any publication or media doing that, eh?


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