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Book reading update

At the end of April, I publicly shamed myself and am trying to hold myself accountable to more book reading in 2016.  So, August is nearly halfway through, let’s see how I’m doing?

Last we heard, I had completed two books (shameful!) by the end of April (Island of the World and Watching Baseball Smarter).  I was working on five books (Hounds of the Lord, Soul of the Apostolate, the Council in Question, New Wine of Dominican Spirituality, and the Little Catechism of the Cure d’Ars).

Since then, I’ve made it through “The Divine Office” by Fr. O’Sullivan, OP, “The Nine Ways of Prayer of St. Dominic” edited by Fr. Simon Tugwell, OP, I finished up “Hounds of the Lord” by Kevin Vost, read “The Knighthood of Truth” by Fr. Raymond Bruckberger, OP, (notice a trend yet?… ha!), and also “The Sacred Monster of Thomism: An introduction to the life and legacy of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP” by Fr. Richard Peddicord, OP.  (Granted, DO, 9 Ways, and Knighthood were more pamphlets than books, so I’ll only count them as half!)

So, that puts me at 5.5 books!  Leaving me to do…  another 18.5 books.  I definitely do not have a shortage of books to read, so I guess we’ll see where the rest of August and September take me, in terms of book reading.  Hopefully I can knock out the books in progress (Soul, Council, New Wine, and Little Catechism, along with the Memoirs of Fr Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP) by my next update!  That’d put me at just under halfway through (well, guess I ain’t hittin’ 24 books!  *sad trombone*) 3/4 of the way through 2016.  Overall, not terrible.  Just means I have a good goal for next year!  😀

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