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Prayer before work

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Catholics love to sanctify pretty much everything.  As a Western Province Dominican recently wrote, “Blessing is a way of claiming something for God’s kingdom. All things should be blessed.”  I think it is fair to extrapolate that out to everything we do should be done for the kingdom of God, and sanctifying that which we were created to do (work) is a great good.

The Catholic Gentleman recently wrote on prayer before work, in particular, invoking St. Joseph, that patron of workers:

Work isn’t a curse, it is ordained by God and is a holy duty. Our heavenly Father himself taught us how to work and rest, and even in Paradise, where there was no pain or sorrow, our first parents worked joyfully, tending the earth and keeping it.

St. Joseph, the Guardian of our Redeemer, also worked with his hands and taught the child Jesus his craft of carpentry. Indeed, St. Joseph teaches us that working silently for Jesus and Mary is the highest calling of every man. We should learn from our humble model, St. Joseph, to have no greater happiness than to work, and to work well as an act of sacrificial love.

I recently posted a holy card with approximately the same prayer to St. Joseph.

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