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Anti-Catholic American sentiment

listecki2About a month ago, my Archbishop (Jerome Listecki) penned a wonderful opinion piece entitled “That old anti-Catholic bias is rearing its ugly head again” in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

In it, he discusses the ever-present anti-Catholicism that is tolerated and promoted by the elites and establishment of this country, as it has been for the last couple hundred years.

There’s so much good in my Archbishop’s article, I want to quote the whole thing.  However, I will limit myself to two snippets.  The first is

Whether it is in the field of art, media or politics, Catholic-trashing is permissible and shock is manifested when any Catholic organization such as the Catholic League protests the remarks. Catholics: pay your taxes, provide your charitable services and serve our country, but don’t object to being ridiculed.

And the second is this triumphant declaration that the glories of the world will pass, and one thing will remain – the Holy Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has weathered the Roman Empire, the Vandals, rise of nation states, the reign of terror, rationalism, fascism and communism. The church will be here long after we have been laid to rest, and it will not cease in offering its voice, even if there are those who mock and demean it, wishing to eliminate the Catholic Church’s view from the public discourse.

Go read the whole thing.  It’s worth your while, and it’s about time our bishops start standing up in the public square.

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