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Wisconsin roundup from the last week

Let’s kick this week off with some good news and stories!

First, check out the WI bishop SCOTUS reaction roundup over at the Badger Catholic.  My favorite response to the ruling has to be Bp Morlino’s:

The Church’s response to the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, recognizing “same-sex marriage”, is the same today as it would have been yesterday, namely that the definition of marriage is an objective truth of the natural order. Such truths can only be recognized and never changed, regardless of a court’s ruling or of a vote anywhere in the world.

As we have stated frequently, and repeat today, marriage is, and can only ever be, a unique relationship between one man and one woman, for one lifetime, with openness to children. This is not based on any private sectarian viewpoint, but on human ecology, which all are bound to respect, at all times, as inscribed in our human nature, from the beginning of creation. Because it behooves us to safeguard the sacred ecology of all nature, especially of our human nature, the Church will continue to do so.

Second, we had the diocese of Madison see six ordinands this year, with their largest ordination class since the 1960s – God bless Bp Morlino once again!  One of the ordinands, Fr. Chris Gernetzke, also had his first Solemn High Mass of Thanksgiving this weekend.  You can see a photo of him speaking to the congregation at St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff on June 27:

Third, there’s a really good video on the Mass (Novus Ordo) put out by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, that shows how powerful and life-changing good and proper experiences can be while at Mass.  If only our priests and fellow laity could understand deeper WHY liturgy is so important – it is a public work, it ought to be done RIGHT and well!  As Fr. Zuhlsdorf says, “Save the liturgy, save the world”, and that is oh so true!  More details on the video are at this Milwaukee Catholic Herald link.

Fourth, in terms of “Wisconsinites doing great things…” we’ve got this fellow, 46 year old Andrew Tallon, an art historian from Milwaukee, WI, who is “unlocking the mysteries of Gothic cathedrals” with lasers!  Pew pew pew.  The whole article is a great read and really informative.  It is astounding what they can do with lasers to see more detail that you can’t get by hand.  Here’s a neat excerpt:

The laser scans have led to surprising new information about Notre Dame’s builders. For one thing, they sometimes took shortcuts. Even though medieval builders strove to create perfect dwelling places for the spirit of God, Tallon’s scans reveal that the western end of the cathedral is “a total mess … a train wreck.” The interior columns don’t line up and neither do some of the aisles. Rather than removing the remains of existing structures from the site, the workers appear to have built around them.

That cost cutting could have been catastrophic. Based on stylistic changes, scholars have long suspected that work on the western facade stopped for a while before the towers could be built. When Tallon scanned it, he discovered why. The Gallery of Kings—the line of statues above the three massive doorways—was almost a foot (.3 meters) out of plumb. Tallon concluded that the western facade, built on unstable soil, began leaning forward and to the north. Construction had to be halted until the builders could be confident that the ground had compressed enough to resume. After an anxious decade or so, it had.

Fifth and sixth, we’ve got two UW-Madison tidbits.  First, Bo Ryan announced he’ll be sticking with the team one more year, and then heading into retirement.  Can’t say I blame the 67 year old coach from Pennsylvania, but it’ll sure be a sad end of an era for a college team that’s seen two Final Fours in back-to-back years.  But, here’s a great video of Bo and his team getting in the spirit of football at a Badgers game at Camp Randall (something I’ll eventually have to do!):


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