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(New) Evangelizing in the city centers, part two

Following up on my previous post about evangelizing in urban areas, the Milwaukee-area blog Imprisoned in My Bones has this cheerful piece about a recently installed shrine in downtown Milwaukee.

On a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon, following the 11:30 am Mass, a group of about 150 people processed behind the Saint Anne Society of Old St. Mary Parish and Fr. Tim Kitzke for the unveiling and dedication of a new Saint Anne Street Shrine that looks out from the parish offices on Milwaukee Street upon all who pass by the downtown neighborhood.

Especially poignant is the fact that a “gentleman’s” strip club had been trying to purchase a building across the street from the parish office but their license was denied by a 15-0 vote of the city’s aldermen.  I’m sure that the prayerful efforts of Fr. Tim Kitzke and the parishioners of Old St. Mary, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and St. Anne, had a lot to do with that decision.

Regarding the shrine, Fr. Tim pointed out that the Virgin Mary in St. Anne’s arms is looking back toward the parish and St. Anne is looking out to the city, modeling her strength and dignity as a woman for all of Milwaukee.  The Shrine will sanctify the city and be a blessing to all those who walk past the parish.

There’s more at the blog by Anne, so go check it out!  May God bless (and protect!) this shrine and parish for its spiritual offerings to the neighborhood, and that it yields great fruit in the area!  Lord knows that now, especially, we need Catholics who are willing to make public witness of their Faith and the richness Catholicism offers…

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