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Lacordaire on practices of Christian life

CVI. Practices of Christian Life – To a Pupil of Soreze

Soreze, June 15, 1860.

My dear Friend,

YOUR last letter gratified me ; it proved to me that you are not indifferent to the school and your masters, and also that you are keeping to your good principles in the midst of the world. You have already been able to see the difficulties, sadness, and pain in which it abounds, and I congratulate you upon it, because you will have for it the feelings with which it ought to inspire you.

You know what I told you to keep you immaculatum ab hoc saeculo; a very simple little rule, but one to which you will be invariably faithful. Prayer regularly morning and night, a short reading from the Gospel, monthly confession and communion, some penitential practice to keep you humble and chaste, and preserve you from the spirit of the world. This little will suffice, will preserve you, will raise you above the life of the senses, will keep you to God, will strengthen and console you.

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