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A study on the effects of television on the mind

A few days ago, Msgr Charles Pope wrote a reflection on a recent study on the effects of television on the mind. It seems that the preliminary results of the study suggest you are more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease if you watch a lot of television.

The researchers concluded that “Long-term patters of low physical activity and high television viewing in early adulthood were associated with worse midlife executive function and processing speed (two cognitive function tests). These risk behaviors may be critical targets for prevention of cognitive aging.” They suggested that people who consume too much television change their lifestyle and thus lower their risk.

There are four ways that TV affects the mind, according to Msgr Pope. They include reduced attention span, passivity of the viewer, frequent channel flipping, and it is a big time waster. The study states two other problems associated with too much television, which include dissociation (from reality) and fear and avoidance (in part thanks to “if it bleeds it leads”).

Msgr Pope develops things a bit better, and I suggest you check out his article.

This study and its results should be no great surprise, however it’s great to hear our shepherds preaching (in a form) about the dangers to our souls and our bodies.

Plus, instead of watching that extra episode of whatever hit reality TV show is new, think about how many hours of the Divine Office you could pray!

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