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Papal power – some desperately needed questions

Over at Rorate Caeli, Fr Cipolla, pastor of the (amazing) parish St Mary in  Norwalk, CT raises a number of questions that need to be asked in this post-Vatican I [sic!] world.

To me, most of the post stems down to “is papal power a limited power?”  It seems that the current issue that hasn’t been answered is what can the Pope do to the liturgy?  This is a question that stretches down back to Pope St Pius V and the implementation of a response to the Protestant Deformation.  With the imposition of the Roman Rite across all of Europe (for those communities that unanimously [!!!!] wished to adopt it), we saw a pope flex muscle that I don’t think had been matched, up until perhaps Pius X’s reform of the breviary or Paul VI’s Novus Ordo Missae.

Explicitly, the central question from the article is quoted below:

And this is what must be debated among those who love the Church and her Tradition:  what is the basis of this power and authority to essentially change the Tradition of the Church in the form of the Liturgy?

It’s a sorely needed discussion to be had.  Hopefully, as we move further from the Council, we can have sincere and honest discussions over the changes imposed on the Church in a turbulent time.  We ought not be stuck in a certain decade rife with inaccuracy because there are some too prideful to admit their errors.

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