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Year of Mercy, Mother of Mercy

I was recently making my way through “The Divine Office, How to Say it Devoutly, How to Make it a Pleasure,” written by E.D.M. (Engant de Marie, Child of Mary), a nom de plume of Fr. Paul O’Sullivan, OP.  Eventually, I came to the section I have copied below, and thought it a very appropriate section for consideration, particularly in this Year of Mercy.

Mother of Mercy
Mary’s great prerogative is Mercy. St. Alphonsus tells us that Jesus Christ has divided His kingdom with His Blessed Mother. He is King of Justice. He has made Her Queen of Mercy.
Jesus came to us through Mary so He wishes that all His mercies, graces, and favours come also through Her.
St. Bernard says that it was never heard of in any time, in any place that Mary refused a grace to anyone who called on Her for help, were he even the worst of sinners.
How often has it happened that a poor sinner, whose life has been one long crime, lies dying without God, without sacraments, without friends, abandoned, alone.
The demons stand around his bed, watching his laboured breathing, waiting for his last breath when he shall be theirs for ever. Weaker and weaker he grows. One moment more and he is irretrievably lost.
But a long-ago memory, a thought of Mary flashes through his mind. He sends up one cry, one faint but confiding cry to His Mother in Heaven. She hastens to his side. He is saved.

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