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St Stanislaus, altar rails

Recently, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest at St. Stanislaus installed a new altar rail in the church.  If you read Cream City Catholic, you’ll see a bit more information on the altar rail there.

The original altar rail was removed in the sweeping centennial changes ushered in by the pastor of the parish, Msgr Raymond Punda in the early 1960s.  Unlike some of the other changes of the 1960s (which I actually like…), this decision was shortsighted and ultimately a foolish decision, considering traditional Catholic theology and praxis, however, thanks to the ICKSP (and the wise guidance of Canon Jayr), the church is being restored to a more traditional layout and appearance.

The ICKSP has further plans for restoration, which includes painting the upper walls of the sanctuary and painting the altar rood (more information on that to come in the following weeks!), along with an eventual restoration of the (impressive) ceiling and then the stained glass windows.

I also have to say that the installation of proper stained glass windows (the current windows are reminiscent of a 1970s lounge…) has a profound effect on the atmosphere of the church and sanctuary.  The ICKSP cannot rip out and replace the remaining stained glass windows quick enough!



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