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One of the many reasons I like my Archbishop…

The Badger Catholic posted an excerpt of Archbishop Listecki’s “Love One Another” column for this week.  In this week’s column (letter?  article?), His Excellency tells about his recent interaction with Robitussin.

My favorite part (aside from him coming out of it safely) of the article has to easily be the following:

With every second, my features were changing. I expected the paramedics to say, “Does your face hurt you? Well, it’s killing me.”

Not only is the Archbishop able to find humor in dangerous situations, but he is also apparently a fan of one of my favorite jokes (as anyone who knows me can attest to…).

I think the ending mention of “be prepared” is also an important one, and it shows the importance (and grace!) of having our clerics live together/in community, or at least somewhat close together.

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