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Let St Dominic teach you how to pray a holy hour

A few years ago, a Fr Erlenbush had a blog called the “New Theological Movement” over at Blogspot. He sadly had to retire the blog due to the demands of parish life, but he has thankfully left the blog online and running.

One good post he wrote was on the Feast of St. Dominic (well, he wrote it according to the new calendar’s feast day) and how we can let ourselves be taught by the founder of the Order of Preachers to pray a holy hour.

Fr Erlenbush covers the nine ways of prayer of St Dominic, but also gives us four particular considerations for making a holy hour – to humble ourselves, to consider God’s infinite goodness, to offer acts of love to God in restitution for sin, and to contemplate and gaze on God (to do this is a bit harder, though).

If that sounds like a bit too much work, though, consider Father’s closing line the next time you hop in a car on your commute to work or heading out to the bar with your buddies…

Why waste our time listening to music while driving in the car? Rather, we ought to reach for our Rosary and use it well – recalling that God gifted St. Dominic with great insights during his travels.


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