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Learning a few things from the “separated brethren”

There’s a brief blog post over at the Badger Catholic on “How to Proselytize” posted by Terrence Berres (author also of The Provincial Emails), and it features a little “tip” from a Mormon.

In the article at New York Times Magazine, Mario Dias, a man who manages the Mormon training center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gives this bit “your appearance matters.”

Well, I didn’t say it was a ground-breaking or stunning bit of knowledge, but it’s definitely something we can learn from and take to heart. Appearances still do matter in our highly egalitarian age (just trying wearing a pair of blue jeans to a fancy downtown office or try putting on a shirt, slacks, and a tie in a very casual office and see how much your appearance matters!), and we need to stop lying to ourselves that everyone in our society/culture has to wear the t-shirt and jeans to feel welcomed, hip, and cool.

We ought to cast off our silly 1960s-mindset towards casual clothing and revive the practice of (properly) keeping up our appearance, especially at Mass! (That link is an article by Msgr Pope on how to dress for Mass, which you should read! And maybe consider implementing some of his guidelines/suggestions…).

PS – I know, I know, Mormons aren’t quite Christians, so they strictly aren’t “separated brethren,” but I’m trying my best at being “nice” and “ecumenical”!

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