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Just “Pro-birth”… riiiiiight….

For all those folks who say that pro-lifers are really just “pro-birth”, I point you to my home archbishop’s grateful note (courtesy of the Badger Catholic):

Having just finished Thanksgiving, we all need a gentle reminder to see our lives and the people in them as blessings. Wanting to practice what I preach, I am extending to you my Love One Another and Herald of Hope readers, a Thank You for your gracious response to Our Blessed Mother’s Baby Shower. Your generosity produced 3 booster seats, 4,844 diapers, 194 outfits, 12 hats, 15 baby blankets, 6 bibs, 19 packages of wipes, 2 pairs of socks, 1 pair of mittens, 1 soft infant toy, 1 infant safety kit and $3,000 in cash. The items and cash donations were distributed to the Women’s Care Center (1441 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee) and Women’s Support Center (2051 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee).

Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, invaded my thoughts. She asked me to extend to all who offered gifts her gratitude and requested that I offer a rosary for your intentions. If blessings come flowing into your lives, know that it was prayers being offered for you.

Remember, when you’re good to Mother, Mother is good to you. To paraphrase George M. Cohan, God the Father thanks you, His Son thanks you, the Holy Spirit thanks you and I thank you – as you use your generosity.


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