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Invitation to pray a 54 day novena for families, marriages

Over at Badger Catholic, they’ve got a post on how the bishops of the USA have been invited to join in a 54 day rosary novena.  Granted, the novena was scheduled to start 3 days ago (on the Assumption) and run until that other great Marian feast, the feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (formerly “Our Lady of Victory”, commemorating the Catholic victory over the Muslim Turks at Lepanto).

From Badger Catholic:

The invitation is very simple: to pray the rosary once a day for 54 days, in support of marriages and families. We will pray for the safe travel of the Holy Father and for all of those traveling to see and pray with the Holy Father at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September. We will also remember to pray for the successful outcome of the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family Life in Rome in October.

The custom with a “54-Day Rosary Novena,” is to pray 27 days of petition (asking for something) and 27 days thanking God for answering the prayer of petition. Many people who have agreed to pray this rosary novena in this way claim that very difficult situations have been cleared up and impossible requests have been answered in a very powerful way.

Give some consideration to joining in this great idea, and pray for the Synod and marriage and families (albeit a few days late)!

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