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le-pen_3518949bBefore I start, I know hardly anything about French politics, politicians, and the storied history that goes with … well, all of France.  I know the Front National is a little questionable, as well, but, let’s ignore all of that for now.

I stumbled across this article from the Telegraph on Marion Maréchal-Le Pen in my Facebook feed.  Having heard some controversial stuff about other Le Pens, I figured it’d be worth a read.  Turns out it was (and not just because the subject is an attractive politician).

The three very interesting bits I noticed about this woman, Marion, were the following:

  1.  “Marion insisted on trying the knot in Church three months before she had her daughter Olympe.” – While pre-marital sex and such is obviously a no-no, seeing a young person, particularly in (secular) Europe, insist on getting a marriage – much less a Catholic one! – is somewhat refreshing.
  2. “A number of Catholic intellectuals have been priming Marion, giving her reading lists and prepping her for debates. She was the first representative of the Front national to be invited to the Church summer conference in August by the Bishop of Toulon.” – This is a two-parter, but it’s interesting that she’s got the support of “Catholic intellectuals” (I’d love to know who they are, alas, the Telegraph doesn’t say), but that she was also invited by the Bishop of Toulon.  That bishop is Bp Dominique Rey, and Fr Finigan wrote about him here.  Bp Rey stands out as promoting the Traditional Latin Mass and also performs (some) ordinations according to the older liturgical books (which hardly any bishops do!).  That this politician is receiving favorable overtones from quality bishops is very noteworthy.
  3. “Marion walks to Chartres for the annual pilgrimage” – The biggest thing, and one that took me aback.  I can only assume that the Telegraph means the annual Pentecost pilgrimage from Notre Dame in Paris to the Chartres cathedral, which is a traditionalist-run three-day pilgrimage.  Have you ever heard or seen any Catholic politicians in this country do something comparable?  If only we had more politicians do such mortifications and take part in such lay activities, I daresay our country wouldn’t be in the shape it is in!

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