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December Dominican Roundup…

St-Dominic-lectio-726664Over the last month or so, there’s been a number of interesting things happening in relation to the Dominican Order…

First up, Dr. Kevin Vost has published a new book on the saints of the Order.

Second, the brothers at the House of Studies have released their third recorded album, Gaudeamus: Celebrating 800 Years of Dominican Life, which sounds to be as good as the first and second albums they’ve released.  Proceeds help support the formation of brothers at the House of Studies in Washington, DC.

Third, there was a pilgrimage to the tomb of St Dominic in Bologna, which culminated in a sung Mass in the Dominican Rite.  A conference on the DomRite preceded the Mass, given by Fr. Riccardo Aimone Barile OP, Prior of the Convento Patriarcale in Bologna.  New Liturgical Movement has posted photos of the Mass, and there is a (full-length) video of the Mass, as well.

Fourth, and this is a mostly relating solely to me, but I’m happy to say I (finally) received confirmation of enrollment in the Angelic Warfare Confraternity!  I’m hoping to write a post soon on the Confraternity, but, needless to say, it is quite the spiritual force!

Fifth, the Dominicans of the Central Province have granted all priests in good standing with their diocese or religious congregation permission to enroll the laity into the Angelic Warfare Confraternity.  Normally, enrollment is limited to only Dominican priests, or non-Dominicans by special permission (which is easily granted), but as part of the Year of Mercy.  So, if you’re in the Central Province and not near the OPs, all you need is to order the welcome packet of the Confraternity, take it to your local priest (located in the Central Province) and go through the blessing and ceremony (which doesn’t take very long), and send in your enrollment form to the proper Province Promoter.

Sixth, the Dominicans in DC are up to great things, again, holding an Advent “Stations” at their church of St. Dominic.  There’s a write-up (with great pictures) of the evening at New Liturgical Movement.  Hopefully other Dominican houses can copy this sort of devotion and provide another way to prepare for the Nativity of Our Lord!

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