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Bl. Margaret of Castello

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I was going to save this one for later on in Lent, but I stumbled across a very interesting set of video interviews with Fr. Bonniwell, OP, so I’m giving Bl Margaret advanced posting!

This card was lifted from a tub of resources relating to the Bl Margaret of Castello Shrine at St. Louis Bertrand Catholic Church.  The “primary” shrine to Bl Margaret in the USA (or at least the Dominican Eastern Province) is now located in Columbus, OH at St. Patrick’s Church.  However, St. Louis Bertrand was the first national shrine to her, having been erected in Louisville, KY April 1981 (so, go Louisville!).

Bl Margaret of Castello is the “patron of the unwanted” and is also one of the numerous “incorrupt” saints of the Catholic Church (a very interesting phenomenon, one which has a book dedicated to the topic by Joan Carroll Cruz).  You can learn more about her life here, here, or through the book on her life written by Fr. William R. Bonniwell, OP (1886-1984).  Bl Margaret’s feast day is April 13.

Which leads to my reason for posting!  Fr. Bonniwell was interviewed in 1982 (two years before his death at age 98ish) by a friar of the Western Province.  One of the many topics they covered (you can find them all at OPEast on Youtube) was his experience as a chaplain in the Great War.  Fr. Bonniwell was ordained in 1914, and wrote the following books, Liturgical Spirit of LentHistory of the Dominican Liturgy, Interpreting Sunday Mass, What Think You of Christ?, and Martyrology of the Sacred Order of Preachers.  Fr. Bonniwell, OP died on September 16, 1984.

Bl. Margaret of Castello, pray for us!

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