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A few Dominican things…

It’s been more than a week since my last Dominican post, so here’s another one!

First, New Liturgical Movement has posted a video of the Dominican Rite Mass on the feast of St Thomas Aquinas, which was celebrated by the priests of the Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer in Rome.

Second, this Breviarium S.O.P. post on the life (and Office) of St. Vincent Ferrer, whose feast day was celebrated a week ago.  As usual, Dominican Tertiary provides a good background to the life of this great Dominican saint, and also an interesting tidbit, which is the next link!

Third, a background on the St. Vincent Ferrer Water Blessing, linked to by Brev. SOP.

Before the Second Vatican Council, it was common to reserve certain blessings of objects to religious orders. These blessings were often associated with the invocation of a particular saint or for aid for a particular intention. In the Order of Preachers, the tradition arose of blessing water in the name of St. Vincent Ferrer, as an invocation of assistance against illness. This is due, at least in part, to the reputation of this great saint as the instrument of many miraculous healings. The Order of Preachers currently celebrates the feast of St. Vincent Ferrer this Saturday, May 5.
Today, there are no longer any so-called “reserved blessings”. Therefore the blessing printed below (in both Latin and English) for the blessing of water by the invocation of St. Vincent Ferrer (“St. Vencent Ferrer Water”) may be used by any priest.

Having just come off an illness, I wish I had seen this last week!  D’oh!

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