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A brilliant idea for TLM priests and laity

From the Badger Catholic comes this advert for a neat event:


The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be hosting a Sancta Missa (Latin Mass) WorkShop for anyone who would like to learn about the basics and theology of Extraordinary Form of the Mass.
The workshop will begin at 9:15am in the Church Crypt followed by an 10:30am sung Latin Mass in the Shrine Church celebrated by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius Church of Chicago.
There will be no cost for attending the workshop but freewill offerings will be appreciated!
Sancta Missa Preview Video:

Here’s a link to the Facebook page.

I wonder what the attendance will be.  A half-day conference on the TLM and how to pray it?  Aimed at and for the laity?  If we could get these going, and in “conservative” parishes, I think we’d see the interest spike/increase in the Traditional Latin Mass.  I half-wish they would just go full-blown Solemn High Mass, but I assume they’re doing Missa Cantata so as to not wrongfully tempt the laity into thinking they’ll get a weekly Solemn High (as very, very few places have that luxury in these United States, which is a travesty).

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