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15 Tuesdays in Honor of St Dominic


Light of the Church, Teacher of truth, Rose of patience, Ivory of chastity, You freely poured forth The waters of wisdom, Preacher of grace, Unite us with the blessed. (O Lumen Ecclesiae)

There is an old Dominican tradition of dedicating Tuesdays to St. Dominic, extending back to the translation of his relics in 1233 at Bologna (which took place on Whit-Tuesday, May 24).  Liturgical practices were introduced into the rubrics of the Mass and Office of the Order as a means to foster devotion to the holy patriarch.  At the Chapter of 1362, the third day of the week (Tuesday) was dedicated to Dominic, and the Mass was to be his Mass, with a commemoration of him in the Office (outside of Lent, at least).

The practice of 15 Tuesdays was instituted in Florence in 1631 by Fr Michael Bruni, who exhorted the faithful to pray to St Dominic and promise to receive Communion on 15 consecutive Tuesdays (possibly in honor of the 15 Rosary mysteries).  This devotion spread rapidly, and Pope Pius VII granted an indulgence to those who performed this pious act (suppressed, as far as I can see, by Pope Paul VI, in his wide-sweeping reforms).

This year, the Devotion runs from Tuesday, April 26th to Tuesday, August 2nd.  While we may not be able to gain indulgences for this in particular, we should still honor so great a Saint!

What is to be done for the Devotion?

Spend some time each Tuesday from now until August 2nd meditating on St Dominic or offering prayers in honor of him (or perform some other act of piety).  If possible, also assist at Mass and receive Communion (in imitation of the first devotion exhorted by Fr Bruni).

How can I do that? 

There are a number of ways to do so.  The easiest way I can think of is to pray and meditate upon the “O Lumen Ecclesiae” antiphon, which is sung or recited by Dominicans daily in the night Office of Compline.

O lumen Ecclesiae
Doctor veritatis,
Rosa patientiae,
Ebur castitatis,
Aquam sapientiae
propinasti gratis,
Praedicator gratiae,
nos junge beatis.
Light of the Church,
Teacher of truth,
Rose of patience,
Ivory of chastity,
You freely poured forth
The waters of wisdom,
Preacher of grace,
Unite us with the blessed.

You can also utilize the reflections and meditations created by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia, which were posted in 2015 on their Facebook page.  They also have a book of reflections made which you can purchase at their bookstore.

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